I. Notification
When you have any trouble with your vehicle during time of warranty, please bring out this book record with your vehicle to one of the nearest CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents from the whole country to get solution..
Every information is mentioned in this record book will assist you when your new vehicle has any trouble. 
Our leading target is tothat always satisfy costumers. Every CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents have its professtional staffs with high quality spare-parts.  
1. To receivemeet our assistance, please carry out the following steps
Step 1:
Contact with one of the closet nearest CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents in order to inform your vehicle’s conditions. Our branches/agentsWe will have fully responsibilities for the to warranty and maintenancerepair your vehicle.
Step 2:
In the case that our agents could not give out right solution or even you don’t satisfy with the solution; pPlease contact to Warranty and automobile technical service Center After-Sales service Department of CUULONG – SINOTRUK. In order to met your demand fast and effectively, please provide us your information aswith the following information below:
      - Your nName, address and telephone No.
      - Model of the truck and the buying time when you bought your truck.
      - Frame No. and Engine No.
      - Current Number of Odometer.
      - Name of Agents and Warranty Center which you complain to
      - Discribe clearly trouble of your vehicle.
Additionally, when you have any problem with warranty and repair service, please contact us by:
Hot line-TMT’s APost-salesfter-sales Service Department:
091 281 6215 - 0321 3980981
Please keep the Warranty Record Book as an integrant part of your vehicle; in the case that you sell your vehicle, please hand over it to the new owner.
2. Starting time of warranty:
It’s startedStarting when Authorized Agent hands over the truck tofor the first owner, and it’s still applied for others.
3. Warranty of group of single parts:
TMT is fully responsible for repairing all defects in single parts, groups of single parts and defects caused by producing and assembling, CUULONG – SINOTRUK will warranty for any trouble cause by quality or assembling failure, except for other points are stated in “NON-WARRANTY”      
Any parts under any conditions of warranty rules damaged during the warranty time will be repaired or replaced free of charge at any If any parts have all of condition above, they will be repaired or changed free of charge at CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents all over the country.
(Time of warranty will be calonculated in accordance with timeperiod or used km whichever according to what conditions comes first)
Warranty in 6 months or 30.000 Km
Verhicle’s owners must have responsibilities to take their vehicle to the nearestclosest CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents. Every group of single parts need to warrantyIn addition, t, they must maintain thetheir conditions of any group of single parts need for the warranty, as warranty requirementd. In the case that they were taken apart or repaired, they will not be warranty. The warranty-requested part will not be entitled to the warranty if the owner detaches or repair it. 
1.   CTimonstant maintenance e maintains:
The constant maintenance Time maintain according to the instructions in the vehicle-used manual is is the recorded in the guide book; it’s also responsibility ies of the owner. If your vehicle is used in hard situations, severe conditions, you have to more comply with the maintenance instructions for these conditions. Pay attention more. TIn this case, the owner’s has responsibilities’ for buying accessories if necessary for the constant maintenance. Maintaining.      
2. Record all the warranted part:
You have responsibility for recording each time of warranty, this is necessary in some cases b. Because it is the evidence that you warranted your vehicle as required.        
3. Daily care:
Daily care that is very simple. You do it before you start your engine in order to prevent failure and keep your vehicle in good situation. Testing is containsed the following procedures: 
      - Check cooling liquid in the water tank.
      - Check machinery oil level.
      - Check oil lever of gear-box, rear axle.
      - Check oil brake.
      - Check liquid accumulator liquid lever.
      - Check washer fluid water, wiper..
      - Check tire’s air pressure, wear-and-tear, ride bolt.
      - Check the accuracy for lamp and horn.
      - Check the fuel leak lack of fuel,, lube oil, liquid...
      - Check free travelogue and working conditions for cloths and brake.
      - Check hand brake’s working condition.
      - Check switch’s as combination.
      - Check other parts.
      - Check spring-leaves cart spring.
      - Check screw
      - Check working conditions for hydraulic steering system, and power steering.
      - Check fuel, and hydraulic shifting system
      - Check working conditions for hydraulic steering system, and power steering.
      - Check fuel, and hydraulic shifting system.
In order to make you completely with the appearance as well as the operation of the vehicle satisfy you, CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents all over the country have a full responsibilities’ florin checking testing, cleaning and testing, examining your vehicle. That is to ensure that your vehicle delivered to you is in the best conditions.
Your vehicle will receive is to warranty free maintenance of charge for 1.000km, 3.000km, 6.000km if y. You have to hand out your Warranty record book and, please come to CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents in right time as in manufacturer’s regulation. The maintenance will comply in accordance with the requirements in the Manual book and is for your free wages. Besides, you have to pay for liquid lubricant, and materials used in maintenance process equipment.
1. User or buyer do not come to CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents for the warranty in right time as mentioned on Warranty Record Book, even do not running-in before using.
2. The owners detach or change or repair any warranty-requested parts or assay by their own.
3. Over-load, enlarging cargo-tray, stuff spring-leaves, change tire bigger than difference from register regulation’s, or adjust odometer.  
4. Without driving license.
5. Other problems caused bys unintentional and, unconscionable action of driver driver’s unconsciousness such as: high speed running in bad conditions, carelessly driving, racing etc...
6. Trouble or failure caused by warranty maintaining and repairing without CUULONG SINOTRUK- authorized agents
7. Wear-and-tear such as: natural tarnish etc.....
8. Any esthetics phenomenon without affecting the top quality and vehicle operation such as: noise, tiny vibration, spread oil etc....
9. Parts wear-and-tear of accessories: natural tarnish of parts or components assay
10. The below parts are not warranties in warranty consideration:
- Fuel filter, air core-filter element, brake shoe, brake block, lights, clutch disc, fuse, wiper, brush, belt, or every rubber parts, oil, water,
- Other damage caused by act by God natural disasters, fire, accident, lose, and above causes.
- Any failure caused by rust, smoke, chemical substance, stain, saline water-vapor or other cause by natural causes.
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